Meteorology Students Participated at Geoscience Industrial Week 2019, University of Malaya, Malaysia

On April 24th to 26th, two meteorology students (Rafiq Naufal Shidiq and Muhammad Arif Setyo Aji) and one geological engineering student (Ahmad Mujaddid) participated in the Geoscience Industrial Week 2019 (GIW 2019) organized by University of Malaya, Malaysia. The students, called themselves as The SIRES Team, wrote a science paper and participated in a poster competition, which is one of competitions held in GIW 2019: Quake It Off, Geo Escape, Poster, Photography, Invent at Zero, and Eco City: Design Your Future. The GIW 2019 not only held competitions, but also convened seminar sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. Although most discussions were related to geology and solid geophysics, the meteorology students were able to follow and obtained some insights since meteorology is a part of geoscience.

One discussion that is quite relevant to meteorology is the challenge of future energy use, which was held at a panel discussion entitled The Future of Geoscience for Sustainable Development. It discussed about renewable and non-renewable energy and its relationship with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations. In the discussion, the panelists explained that the use of renewable energy could not yet replace 100% of non-renewable energy due to the high demand and fulfillment of energy supply in the near future. Therefore, the production of fossil fuel-based energy is still being carried out. However, the use of renewable energy must also be developed simultaneously because it is more environmentally friendly and the potential for this energy is always available. According to one panelist who has worked in one of the biggest energy companies in Malaysia whose main product is fossil-based energy. His company has begun to develop renewable energy in the past 10 years, especially wind and solar energy. However, its development require a long process. This panel discussion made the students excited to look at the future optimistically from the scientific point of view that they are currently studying. The scientific field of meteorology has a significant relationship and potential to be able to contribute in providing solutions in the field of renewable energy

Finally, the students gained a lot of benefits the GIW 2019. They were given an opportunity to participate in competitions, to discuss, and to establish relationships with students from other countries in the field of geoscience. In addition, this event allows them to learn a little about the culture in the country they visited, especially related to academic system and campus life. This event hopefully will give them a lot of insights and opportunities to collaborate and to face global challenges in the field of meteorology and geoscience in future.

Writer: Rafiq and Arif, Editor: Rais

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