The Undergraduate Program in Meteorology is one of undergraduate programs in Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology (FEST), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). ITB, as a state university, welcomes students that get through national-wide student admission examinations. The admission process in ITB is managed by Executive Directorate of Management Admissions and Education Cooperation. There are 3 registration paths for ITB students, namely the National Selection for State University (SNMPTN) through academic records, Joint Entrance Test for State Universities (SBMPTN) through written test, and Independent Selection (SM).

All new accepted ITB students are not directly enrolled in a particular undergraduate program. They enroll in faculty/school for one year. This period is called the Common Preparatory Level (Tahap Persiapan Bersama/TPB). In the end of first year of enrollment, the students are asked to choose one study program. The admission to study program is done by considering student’s interest, quota of study program, and GPA in the preparatory level. In FEST, there are four study programs that are offered to undergraduate students including Meteorology.

It should be noted that a portion of first-year students are not able to choose a study program if they apply for Specialization Program (Program Peminatan) during ITB admission process. It means that their study programs are already determined from the first semester. Meteorology Study Program usually receives students about half of the quota through this way.

Information related to admission process can be found in details in